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List of Available Storm Shelters

Storm-Tek LS20

Our largest model, making it an excellent choice for large families, day care centers, and small businesses.

Storm-Tek LS10

Our most popular model, this shelter is perfect for a large family.

Storm-Tek LS6

Our Storm-Tek LS6 is designed to comfortably seat up to six adults.

Storm-Tek LS8

A more compact version of our popular Storm-Tek LS12.

Storm-Tek LS12

With comfortable seating for up to 12 adults, this shelter is an excellent choice for a large family.

Life Guard GF6

The GF6 unit is designed to be installed in the concrete floor of your garage or barn.

Storm-Tek LS4

This shelter is the the perfect size and price for a couple or small family.

Storm Shelters Designed with You In Mind 

We offer fiberglass, FEMA approved storm shelters that can be customized to fit your needs. Our storm shelters can hold up to 20 people. A variety of optional premium additions can be also added to your safe room, such as carpeted walls and digital peepholes. An underground shelter can be completely hidden - a great alternative to a basement or cellar. Delivery and installation of your storm shelter is also included in the price. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all underground storm shelters.